What happens when you combine the brilliance of a 16-year old teenager who has a love of programming as well as Minecraft? You end up with a working graphing calculator inside the game, but I do not think that this will graphing calculator will make its way to the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition that is rolling out this May 9th. Whoever said math was boring? As you know, a picture speaks a thousand words, so you might want to check out the 16 minute plus video of this working graphing calculator that was meticulously created in the open-world creation game known as Minecraft. Being built from scratch, you know for sure that this is a labor of love – as there are bound to be extremely complicated building techniques thrown into the mix, with numerous types of blocks coming together to work flawlessly. Every single time you press a button on the calculator’s massive keypad, a whole slew of switches will start chugging away, producing 3D digits on the screen. This huge structure can perform functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in addition to more advanced functions like square root.

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