Nokia might be lagging far behind in terms of smartphone market share at the moment, but that does not mean their precarious position is going to remain that way forever. No sir, after all, Nokia of all organizations should know that things change in either an instant, or over time, as they have fallen victim to the latter ever since the Apple iPhone was introduced in 2007. RIM’s BlackBerry has suffered as well, but that is a different story for another day. Nokia might have an ace up their proverbial sleeve after submitting a patent application for the Nokia Morph. Nokia Morph is basically an effort by the Finnish phone manufacturer to build a transparent, flexible handset which you are able to contort according to how you like it. It has an extremely broad explanation, and the patent also touched on a “remote processing unit,” whatever that is. I do hope that Nokia will be able to release more information about the Nokia Morph, and tease us with leaked images in the process so that we have a better idea on how the Nokia Morph is going to work.

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