Despite how fast we’re moving from filing documents in paper form to a more storage-friendly digital format, there are times when a notebook and pen is still the best way to go, but who says we can’t merge those two together? Thanks to the nothing design group, they have come up with the “smart phone notebook version. 2”, a follow up to the previous efforts, the “smart phone note”, which in case the picture above did not already give it away, is a journal/notebook with a cutout for the iPhone 4/4S, allowing users to carry their smartphone and their notebook at the same time.


The cutout even takes into consideration the possibility that the user might want to attach a pair of headphones to their devices. The notebook is A4 sized and will come with 176 pages, although admittedly you do lose a sizable chunk of writing space with the iPhone cutout. In any case, we’re not sure if the one could purchase the “smart phone notebook version. 2”, but if you were to come across such a notebook in a shop, would you be interested in picking one up for yourself?

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