If you have an old film SLR lying around the house that is either broken, or if you have no plans for it in the future, how about transforming it into an iPhone charging dock? As pictured above, an Etsy user by the name of Roberto has managed to do just that and has converted several old SLR cameras into working iPhone charging docks. Given how heavy some of these cameras are, they would appear to make a pretty solid base for your iOS device, not to mention they’re probably one of the more unique iPhone charging docks we’ve seen.

Unfortunately Roberto appears to have sold out his entire inventory and there’s no mention if he plans on making more. But if he does, you might want to be quick on that order button especially since they only cost anywhere between $39-$49, saving you the hassle and time from making one of your own. Head on down to his Etsy store where you will be able to contact him and also take a look at more photos of the various SLR charging docks that he has sold so far. Pretty cool, huh?

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