If you’ve got an AR.Drone and want to have a more immersive flying experience, there is a way to. Thomas Sohmers, a self-proclaimed geek decided to hack together a pair of Epson Moverio BT-100 transparent video glasses and a Parrot AR.Drone so that he could see the quadracopter’s video feed on the glasses itself. He then used a handheld controller running on Android to pilot the AR.Drone. The result? An awesome flying experience since he would be seeing what the copter “sees” while piloting it with a remote.

Unfortunately the control system is still in its infancy and has problems such as being able to only move the AR.Drone up and down and rotate left or right. However, Sohmers mentioned that he’s working on improving it. While we can’t see what he sees in his hacked glasses point of view, we can still see him fly the vehicle from an outsider’s perspective. Check out the video above which is full of funny annotations.

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