Samsung GT-I9300So we just reported on the Samsung I9300 earlier, and if you missed the coverage, it seems that sources have revealed to GSM Arena that the I9300 is not the Galaxy S3, but a mid-ranged Android device that could go by the Galaxy M moniker. Or perhaps not. GSM Arena’s sources are back and this time they are saying that Samsung could be dropping the Galaxy moniker and will simply brand the phone as the Samsung M. On top of that, their sources also revealed some pretty interesting features, some of which sounds a bit too good to be true, at least for a mid-ranged device.

For starters, the device might get an eye-monitoring feature that keeps the display on the phone on as long as it recognizes that you are looking at it. This might end annoying instances where you might be reading a lengthy article only to have the phone auto-lock itself. On top of that, the eye-monitoring feature will also manage the rotation of the device, causing the screen to stay level with your sight even while lying down. Sounds like a pretty advanced feature that we might expect from a high-end device.

Next up is the possibility that the phone will be getting an auto-dial feature that detects when you’ve placed the phone up to your ear after reading a message, thus automatically dialing the number of the sender. It will also be able to recognize the faces in group photographs, matching them against your contact list and letting you email them the photo.

Last but not least, it has also been suggested that the I9300 will come with a heart rate monitor and other biometric functions that can be added to the device via hardware addons. Sounds like a lot of features for a supposedly mid-ranged device, not to mention some that seem a little outlandish. In any case, assuming the mid-May release date is true, we can expect an official announcement from Samsung to take place in the upcoming weeks that will hopefully confirm or debunk the rumors, so until then, we suggest you take all this with a grain of salt.

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