SPEEDLINK wireless keyboard with solar panelWhile wireless devices give us a lot of freedom to use them whenever we want, one of the major gripes about them is that they require batteries to function – which means you’ll have to replace them after awhile or charge them with a cable. Well, SPEEDLINK’s upcoming wireless keyboard doesn’t have this problem, thanks to its integrated solar panel. All you have to do is ensure that the panel isn’t covered and you’re pretty much good to go – unless you work in the dark perpetually.

The solar panel can collect energy even when it isn’t positioned in direct sunlight/artificial light so you won’t have to work next to a window or right under a lamp. It also features low weight and excellent ergonomics with a nice quiet keystroke (for those of you who aren’t fans of noisy keyboards). Its chiclet-style keys also make it easier to clean when it gets dirty. The SPEEDLINK wireless keyboard with solar panel will go on sale this August with an RRP of €49.99 ($65).

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