Josephine Lamberti is a soon-to-be 80 year old grandmother who was introduced to the world of Twitter by her grandson, 24 year old Donny Brandefine. She is known as Josie Dimples a.ka J-Dimps and tweeted, “I’m 80 years old and I want 80,000 followers (or maybe a million) before I die!” And it seems like she isn’t very far off because as of today she has 64,124 followers and that number is probably increasing as we speak. From her Twitter account, she has sent 23,916 tweets and at the time of publication is following 5,556 Twitter users. From reports, Lamberti has also been popular among celebrities and this has led to her getting retweets and direct messages from pop starts and professional athletes.

A report by Mashable also indicated that the 80 year old had a list she titles MyAdoptedGrandchildren which consists of 300 celebrities she interacts with whom she claims to be especially fond off. Brandefine says of his grandmother, “That’s all the big stars she has following her…To me it’s crazy seeing her just sit there like, ‘Yeah Jose Canseco’s reading me, Rihanna’s reading me.’ She thinks she’s a big shot over here!” the folks over at Mashable have said that Lamberti represents the #OLDladySWAG to a tee and old J-Dimps said,” I’m really cool, stylish. Funny, that’s about it. I really don’t act my age. Now I dance to Rihanna music. I don’t do the lindy or things like that no more.” As for which Twitter users the 80-year old but still young at heart Lamberti follows, she says, “If they make me laugh, I’ll follow them back.” If you are planning on helping the adorable J-Dimps out with her wish, head on over to her Twitter account and give her that birthday wish she deserves.

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