There is no doubt that China is a true pioneer in technology, not to mention its countless inventions such gunpowder, the compass, papermaking and more. Even in today’s web 2.0 world, China continues to invent cool amazing stuff. One such example is this wind-powered car that was made by a 55-year old man from Beijing.

Amazingly, it has a giant fan at the front that generates electricity to power its batteries. Tang Zhenping, the proud designer who happens to be a farmer as well, said that his wind-powered car has a range of about 86 miles, reaching speeds up to 140 km/h – quite an impressive feat considering the materials used.

It took him approximately three months to finish the vehicle, costing him 10,000 yuan or about $1,600 along the process. Well, it’s not the world’s first wind car though. But we can tell that the man is proud of his invention. Also, we think that 140 kilometers per hour, as mentioned by ChinaSmack, is way too fast for this car. Unless he will allow us to do a test drive, we’ll believe it.

Update: This appears to be a hoax. Until we have enough evidence to prove that it’s indeed a wind-powered car, it will remain a bummer. But man, the fan is not even rotating.

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