Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S3 has been rumored to feature a body made from ceramic. A rather unique choice of material, but what has Apple got to say about that? Will they be sticking to the glass and metal material that they used for the iPhone 4/4S? Apparently not. According to ETNews, it seems that for their flagship phones for 2012, both Samsung and Apple will be moving away from traditional materials. The former like we said could be adopting a ceramic build, while Apple on the other hand has been rumored to turn to liquidmetal.

Not only is liquidmetal thinner and lighter, but apparently it is also highly resistant to external impacts which will hopefully result in a much more durable iPhone. Perhaps the use of new material is the sort of radical change in design that Apple needs to reignite the iPhone craze, which many analysts are claiming is what Apple needs to do if they hope to keep sales of their iPhone high. We will be taking this with a grain of salt for now, but we wouldn’t mind seeing a newly designed iPhone anyway. What do you guys make of this?

[Image credit – Indium]

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