In 1981, a programmer called Scott Warshaw arrived at Atari and his first endeavor was to create a version of the vector coin-operated game, Star Castle for the Atari 2600. Warshaw stated his opinion that a decent version of the game for the 2600 was simply not doable and even going so far as to say that it would suck.

He then rearranged elements for the Star Castle game into a new one for the Atari 2600 which was then called Yars’ Revenge and that turned out to be a successful Atari 2600 game. After the launching of Yars’ Revenge, he proceeded to work on the Star Castle project for a long time and finally came up with his creation; an 8K version of Star Castle for the Atari 2699 that is a faithful reproduction of the experience players got on the coin-operated version of the game in arcades.

Now after all those years, fans of the game on the Atari 2600 can finally get it due to a collaboration between Warshaw and the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter. The full cartridge release can now be funded complete with a lighted clear cartridge; box and instruction manual exactly like how it would deliver back in the day. Like most other Kickstarter projects, there are other funding levels which include perks if you want to read more about the project at its Kickstarter page, you can click here.

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