The next time you are going to get some gaming sessions in, make sure you consider the FPS (First Person Shooters) genre. If you are a teen with a driving license, then surely you would do your utmost best to pester your parents to let you play more FPS titles on your Xbox 360 or PS3 simply because you have read an article online which claims that there is a possibility of you ending up as a better driver after you spend plenty of playing time with a FPS title. So much for video games rotting the brains, right? There is a new study going on that hypothesizes that playing FPS games, even for a short while, might significantly improve brain waves which enhance visual attention, including tasks like driving.

The University of Toronto tested 25 folks who have not played video games at all, where each of them ended up playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for a grand total of ten hours, spread out to one to two hour sessions. Results showed that those who indulged in FPS titles also showed the greatest improvement on the visual attention task, having achieved significant changes in their brain waves.

What do you think? Will this bit of news make you want to pick up an FPS title right after reading it, or do you think that the pool of folks who were tested was just too small to make any notable impact? It does sound all very theoretical at point of publishing, but perhaps there might be a sliver of truth to the entire research.

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