If you’ve gone and purchased yourself one of Apple’s leather Smart Covers for your iPad, here is an interesting project that you might be interested in trying that could result in a wonderful smelling Smart Cover, but one that’s completely unique in its design. This process was actually accidentally discovered by Two Lives Left developer, Simeon Nasilowski who discovered that his tanned leather Smart Cover was getting darker on the side that he holds while reading.

Deciding that this was not the look he wanted, he decided to see what he could do about it and arrived on the idea of staining the cover with coffee. Brewing a double shot of espresso, he took a brush and started painting the cover with the coffee. This resulted in the cover getting darker, and after a few more coats he started scrubbing at it with an old towel which result in a subtle texture.

Still not satisfied, he decided to grind up some coffee beans and rub them onto the cover. The above image is the result of his efforts a while after his little experiment and we have to admit that not only does it look pretty good, we have a feeling it smells pretty good too. While we doubt Simeon Nasilowski will be switching careers any time soon and start offering up coffee-hand-painted-and-hand-rubbed Smart Covers, it could be an experiment you’d like to undertake if you don’t mind ruining a leather Smart Cover in the process.

Head on down to his website for the details and more photos. It should be noted that if you do decide to embark on this project, it will only work with the leather version of the Smart Cover.

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