Wouldn’t it be awesome if Apple’s Smart Cover could double up as a wireless charging pad for iPhones? We’re not sure how many of you guys actually thought about that, but it seems that in a recently discovered patent, Apple might have toyed with that idea. According to the patent, it reads, “A method for wireless powering a tablet device, comprising: determining if a protective cover is in a closed configuration with respect to the tablet device; enabling a wireless power receiver circuit in the tablet device when it is determined that the protective cover is in the closed configuration with respect to the tablet device; and wirelessly receiving power from a wireless power transmitter associated with the protective cover.”

It’s a pretty outlandish idea and it has been pointed out that there could be some flaws with this idea, namely that you would have to stick a battery into the Smart Cover. This would make the cover heavier, not to mention a lot more dangerous as it could be exposed to heat and what happens when it overheats? Will it damage the iPad in the process? However on the flipside, having a Smart Cover double as a wireless charging pad has its merits – namely convenience. For example if there aren’t enough sockets and you need to charge both the iPad and iPhone at the same time, this could be accomplished by placing the iPhone on the cover.

Now since this is a patent, it’s hard to say if and when Apple will ever turn it into reality, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Good idea?

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