Mozilla has certainly come a long way in the world of Web browsers with their Firefox browser, and so far, we have seen Firefox arrive at version 12. The final release binaries were introduced to the world via Mozilla’s server yesterday, and it will play nice with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. Most folks would want to pick up the English version of Firefox 12 here, while if you happen to want to check out the other releases, you can always head on here to see whether there is anything right up your alley. The big question that most folks would ask is this – what does Firefox 12 bring to the table that deserves a download? Apart from rudimentary changes as well as bug fixes, you will find the inclusion of the download manager that can download links automatically a handy tool to have.


Not only that, OS X users ought to be able to notice improvements in WebGL performance, while improvements have also been made to the CSS. Programmers and designers will be pleased to find line numbers in the page source window so that they can comb through pages of code easier. The Mozilla team has also not forgotten about the mobile platform, having worked on a Beta version of Firefox 12 for Android that is now available on Google Play.

It is interesting to note that just slightly more than a month has passed by since Firefox 11 was released, and now we have Firefox 12 in April 2012. I wonder what will happen a couple of years down the road – will we end up with Firefox 23 or some other ridiculously high number by then?

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