While Apple is busy trying to come up with a software of their own to remove the Flashback trojan from Mac computers, other third party software companies have since released solutions to address the problem. One of them is F-Secure who was amongst the first on the scene to offer a solution that removed the trojan. Unfortunately this involved a fair bit of command lines that had be entered into the Terminal app and was most definitely not for novice computer users.

Well the good news is that F-Secure has since released a more user-friendly solution in the form of an app. The app itself appears to be rather straightforward, all users will have to do is unzip the file, run the app and follow the instructions that can be found on F-Secure’s website. If you’ve yet to scan your Mac to see if you’re infected, F-Secure is one of the third party options that you can use. Head on down to its website for the download link and instructions.

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