Ubisoft isn’t a stranger to bringing classic video games series to the modern as they have taken franchises like Prince of Persia to new heights, even remaking the classic game for a number of platforms. It looks like they’re aiming their sights at another classic game to receive a remake, Delphine Software’s Flashback.

Ubisoft’s remake of Flashback is currently in development by VectroCell to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network and will be powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine. VectroCell, if you recall, was the development studio behind horror game Amy. The game will be an HD remastering of the original game which will be completely in 3D.

Flashback’s story will largely remain unchanged as you’ll play Conrad B. Hart as he fights to save humanity from an invasion of alien Morphs whose goal is to enslave mankind. Not only will Conrad be tasked with saving the world once again, but his girlfriend as well, who we hope is making Steak-ums tonight.

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