It seems that despite Apple’s latest update which supposedly removed the Flashback trojan, not to mention the amount of publicity that the situation has received, you’d think that just about every Mac user would have checked their computers for it and removed it accordingly, right? Apparently not. According to Symantec who has been monitoring the situation, it has been reported that a staggering 140,000 Mac computers are still infected with the Flashback trojan. Granted it’s a lot less compared to the 600,000 initially reported, it still means that about 25% of the infected Macs out there are still running around with the trojan on their computers, possibly infecting other computers in the process. If you own a Mac and have yet to scan your computer for the Flashback trojan, we suggest that you get on it right away. The scanning software and removal tools are free anyway, so why wouldn’t you?

[Image credit – Lifehacker]

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