Yesterday, Facebook revealed that it has 901 million users and is well on the way to hitting the 1 billion mark by the end of this year. The information came from a statistic in the company’s amended S-1 filing. Other interesting details of note in the filing were that the social networking website receives 3.2 billion comments and 300 million new photos added on a daily basis. The filing also indicates that out of the 901 million users, 526 million were active users who accessed the social networking site/app on a daily basis. Besides that, a reported 488 million people used Facebook-related mobile products in March.

When the company filed its IPO paperwork with the SEC in February, the user count amounted to a staggering 845 million users; after a senior analyst at iCrossing named Gregory Lyons had released a statement that the social networking giant would hit 1 billion users by August back in January. The estimate by Lyons made in January seems even more possible now as the company strolls on to its current 901 million users in only April albeit at the end of the month. Even with a minute drop in numbers yesterday, Facebook is still far ahead as the largest social network in the world with Twitter a long distance away in the number 2 spot. Twitter passed the 500 million users mark in February but the company claims that only 140 million accounts are active.

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