Facebook’s new Data Center in North Carolina has now gone live and is online. The company’s custom internet infrastructure has begun serving life traffic as off Thursday. The alleged server farm will provide the social networking giant with the additional information technology capacity that is needed to support the growing number of users which currently total up to more than 850 million.


The North Carolina Data Center is the company’s second one after the first one in Prineville which is still continues to run. The ground was broken for the facility in November 2010 and the project required 1.2 million hours of labor from a reported amount of 2,000 workers which consisted of construction crew and Facebook staff. On top of that, another data center on the same site is expected to be opened later this year.

The data center which is in Forest City, North Carolina will be the first live test of the Open Compute Project’s outdoor-air cooling designs in an environment where temperature and humidity conditions are outside the range of typical data center operations. Besides that, the facility will also be the first major production deployment of the v2 Open Compute Project web servers which utilize the Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. Reports also state that the data center will be operating at a Power Utilization Effectiveness (PuE) of 1.06 to 1.08 which is relatively the same as the figure that was churned out with its original Prineville Data Center.

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