Samuel Morse helped in the invention of the telegraph system, as well as co-invented the Morse Code (hence the name), and just to sidetrack a bit, don’t you think that he looks a wee bit like Hugh Jackman on the Wikipedia page? Well, the team over at Google has come up with something crazy this April Fool’s day – by introducing Gmail Tap for Android as well as the iOS platform. If you thought that Swype on Android was super efficient at sending out text messages as well as email, then Gmail Tap is the next best thing to happen to you if novelty is the main factor. It reduces the keyboard to just 2 keys, where each letter of the alphabet will be represented by a simple pattern of dots and dashes, and if you have memorized them, they can be typed without having to look at your screen. Perfect for sending SOS texts or messages under the table (literally). Check out a video of Gmail Tap in action after the jump.


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