HTC fans who used to laugh at iPhone users because of the “death grip” issue, you might have regretted doing so as karma has a strange way of taking revenge. It seems that the recently released (and rooted) HTC One X has a design flaw that causes the display to discolor whenever it is held too tightly. CNET claims that the ‘waterfall’ design of the HTC One X’s display, alongside its unibody casing, makes the HTC One X’s display being extremely prone to bending and flexing, and you can view a video of this discoloring effect right after the jump. I have viewed the video myself, and I think that unless you intentionally want to flex that bit, life should go on as normal. Sure, having a slight screen discoloration might be different from having no signal at all, but it is still a flaw, if what CNET says is true. HTC has distanced itself from this claim, saying that they have not stumbled upon this issue, and has alleged that CNET might be using a prototype to achieve this effect. If you are a HTC One X owner, does your smartphone’s display discolor when you give it a nice, big squeeze?

Bear in mind that such a flaw, if true, is not the only issue, as there is also the “micro arc oxidization” problem for HTC to deal with.

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