The Ultrabook is a thing of beauty, and is clearly there to challenge the Apple MacBook Air. Powered by Intel, there are plans to introduce another 75 models for the coming year, not to mention dropping prices in the process. After all, earlier models have proved to be rather “ordinary” in the eyes of purchasers, and when you couple that with Apple’s ability to market their wares ever so well, it has just resulted in a flat debut to date. Intel has reiterated their stand that Ultrabooks should be priced comparably lower than the more-than-$1,000 price point at this point in time, and some folks speculate that $700 or so would be a fairer figure.


Well, I am quite sure that with Intel saying there are at least 75 more models coming out this year, it will not be a surprise if the average price would see a drop. Apart from the usual suspects, one would also expect to see devices that come with a myriad of features such as touchscreens, depth-sensing webcams, convertible form factors, and other non-standard designs including the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga.

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