Once in a while, something crazy gets declared on the Internet and catches on in a big way. I guess you can say that this time around, the folks over in Japan have set the Internet ablaze with the possibility of the iPhone’s headphone jack smelling like, of all things, pineapple. It all began with a thread on popular Internet message board 2chan which was titled, “That place on the iPhone where you plug the earphones in smells like pineapple.”

Needless to say, something like that gained traction rather quickly, and there has been a fair number of people who have confirmed the claim, although other claims mentioned that a similar fragrance hails from the volume control buttons, with at least another user touting the same applies to Android powered smartphones to boot. What do you think of this phenomenon – is it psychological, or were the workers at Foxconn busy having pineapple jam sandwiches when they assembled the iPhone?

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