A company has come up with an alternative to carrying your iPhone in your purse for the times when you don’t want to carry your purse. It’s called JoeyBra and as you might have already guessed it’s a bra with a holster at its side where you can slide your iPhone in. If you’re looking to put other things in there, it looks like even some credit cards or cash might be able to fit in that small pocket. The project which is featured on Kickstarter currently has 12 backers and is the product of two students from the University of Washington called Kyle and Mariah. And apparently they did what they claim to be enough research before starting to create the JoeyBra.

The creators said, “After doing a survey of over 200 young women, we found that 95% of our participants had a problem finding a place to put their belongings while out at a party and 73% had lost personal items from a lack of pocket. In addition, we found that 88% were interested in having a way to discreetly hide their personal items on their person.” If their survey before the release of the product is accurate then the JoeyBra seems like the perfect solution to it, but I wouldn’t really understand being a guy. To all the ladies who are reading about this, please let us know what you think about the JoeyBra. Would you use it?

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