Heads up Skyrim players, it looks like the game will be receiving an update that will allow players to interact with the game via Kinect commands. If that sounds familiar, it’s because this was a feature demonstrated during Bethesda’s “Game Jam” reel during DICE 2012. While it certainly sounded and looked like a cool idea, it felt more of a proof of concept rather than reality, but now it looks like we’ll finally be able to experience it for ourselves.

The Kinect update will allow players to interact with the game in ways such as Dragon Shouts, assigning hotkeys, controlling your followers, casting spells, looting items, trading, quick saving, quick loading, etc. Sounds pretty cool huh? No word on when the update is expected to arrive, but supposedly it will be arriving soon. Until then, check out the video above for a demonstration of Skyrim Kinect in action. Perhaps it’s also time for you guys to start brushing up on your Dragon-speak. So, who’s looking forward to this update?

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