LG’s range of Smart TVs will get even smarter when May 2012 rolls around – we are talking about a time frame of less than one month here. Just how will it gain the added smarts? Surely inserting a slew of microprocessors on your own is not going to happen, but rather, LG will finally make available the Voice Control service to the masses. This update will make sure the feature adds another dimension to your LG Smart TV, and as long as you own a Magic Remote to go along with your LG Smart TV, you will be able to simplify the process of search and navigation through the power of speech. Well, I have always been a firm believer as to how speech is capable of making or breaking a person, so I guess the same applies to a TV as well, never mind that pieces of consumer electronics do not have emotions of any kind. Will the inclusion of Voice Control push you to own an LG Smart TV?

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