A firm called Microryza launched today has taken the famous crowd-based fundraising model applied in websites like Kickstarter and applied it to something that is essential for the steadily improving quality of life here on earth; scientific research. While it might not be as fun as let’s say an Android powered watch but this means that scientific research would no longer depend on fundraisers held for rich people drinking champagne and eating caviar.


Implementing the vastly successful model for something as positive as research in science would mean that when you have a bit of money and you want to fund something that you feel is worthwhile, you can access Microryza’s website and see the list of featured projects they are currently working on.

The team behind this innovative idea of technology usage is apparently a group of young researchers and scientists trying to find a foothold to obtain new ways for their work to move forward. Given the current situation with scientific research in that it’s woefully underfunded, always scrutinized negatively but at the same time astoundingly important for the human race, we can only hope that the admirable team behind the Seattle-based Microryza manages to ease the pressures that weigh them down and get the funding they need to move forward in their field.

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