In an interview with Jon Erlichman from Bloomberg West, Apple analyst from Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster claims that he thinks that not only will the next generation of the iPhone come in October. He puts the reason why he thinks that it will be coming out that late in the year down to the fact that Qualcomm’s 28nm chips are short in supply and because the iPhone 5 is likely to be LTE capable it would mean either a late Q4 release or the usage of a different chip which in Munster’s opinion is unlikely because of Apple’s relationship with Qualcomm.

When asked about what people can expect from the next iPhone, Munster replied that if we follow the iPhone’s annually alternating trend of software upgrade (3GS)-hardware upgrade (4)-software upgrade (4S)-hardware upgrade (5) which is how it has been since the iPhone 3GS, then we are due for what he calls “the mother of all (hardware) upgrades” which will entail a bigger screen and a different form factor. Please take this information with a pinch of salt because as long as nothing has been confirmed by the company, it would be mind boggling to process each and every one of the hundreds of rumors concerning the upcoming Apple iPhone. If you wish to have a look at the full video of the Bloomberg conversation, click here.

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