There are styluses that one can use for the iPhone, but unfortunately due to the iPhone not supporting styluses natively, there just isn’t a place to put it save for your handbag or pocket. Well if you’re the type that absolutely needs a stylus, you might want to check out Ozaki’s iCoat Finger case for the iPhone. As pictured above, the case will not only protect your iPhone but will also come with a stylus and will feature a slot in which you will be able to keep the stylus after you’re done with it.

The stylus can be slid in or out of its slot, and thanks to the protruding back, we guess that placing your iPhone flat on its back when not in use will no longer be possible. However supposedly the bit that’s protruding will provide iPhone users a better grip while using the phone with a stylus. We’ve yet to try it for ourselves so we don’t really have anything to say about that. The Ozaki iCoat Finger will come in a variety of color combinations – black/yellow, red/white, yellow/blade and white/gray. More info can be found at their website or pop on over to Amazon where you will be able to buy one for $40.99.

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