For those who use computers for long periods of time, safe to say we don’t have the best of postures. Unfortunately while we may consciously attempt to sit up straight for better posture from time to time, we will eventually slouch back into an unhealthy position. The good news for slouchers out there is that Philips has a new monitor with an ErgoSensor built into it.


As the name implies, this ErgoSensor is a sensor that is placed where the webcam is normally located and basically keeps its eye on you as you work/game. It will be able to detect when you are too close to the monitor and will warn you when you start to slouch or if your posture is bad. It will also be able to alert you when you’ve been staring at the screen for too long and will also help to educate users on how to set up the monitor for optimal viewing and in a more ergonomic position.

Sounds like a pretty good idea but unfortunately no word on just how much this monitor could cost. More information on the Philips ErgoSensor desktop monitor can be found on its website.

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