Music lovers, if you’re looking for a set of new headphones to use while on the move, Pioneer has recently outed two new headphones. One of which is aimed at audiophiles and the other aimed at those looking for a noise cancellation feature in their headphones. Both the SE-MJ591 and SE-NC21M are touted as being lightweight, foldable and will come with a carrying case for traveling.

The SE-MJ591 are a set of headphones aimed at the more discerning listener and will feature 40mm drivers. It is expected to be made from metal components and will feature “ultra-soft” ear pads and a headband for comfortable listening, and is also intended to match the sound quality that one might be able to expect from high-end audio sound systems. These pair of headphones are expected to retail for $299 and will be hitting the shelves by the end of April.

For those who would prefer a noise cancellation feature instead, the SE-NC21M will offer listeners just that. It is expected to be able to reduce external noise by up to 90% and will be powered by a single AAA battery which will reportedly provide up to 120 hours of noise cancellation. Unlike the Bose QC15, the Pioneer SE-NC21M will continue to operate as a regular pair of headphones even after the battery powering the noise cancellation has been depleted. It is expected to be made available in May for $119. [Press release]

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