Due to the nature of iOS and the iPad, apps cannot run side-by-side simultaneously. In fact many consider Apple’s “multitasking” on iOS as not true multitasking that one can expect on a full fledged computer. Will Apple change this in the future? Who knows? However in the meantime we certainly wouldn’t mind taking a look at concepts, and this particular concept features an iPad that allows for apps to run side-by-side.

Put together by iOS developer, Kyle Howells, this particular proof of concept is a tweaked version of his CardSwitcher jailbreak app that allows users to use up to four apps at the same time. Of course this means that users would require a jailbroken iPad in order to achieve this effect, but it certainly looks promising. Unfortunately it is currently only used for testing and there’s no word if Kyle Howells will put it up for download. In any case we certainly hope that Apple is watching and perhaps one day we could see something similar in future builds of iOS. Until then, check out the video above for a demonstration of the concept in action.

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