Days after the “Wake Up” campaign in Australia and the culprit has yet to be named as the accusations remain unproven. But a new piece to the puzzle has emerged. Research In Motion has issued a shocking statement this morning. Richelle Gillet, account director of Spectrum Communications for BlackBerry said that RIM Australia is the one responsible for the protest that sparked a lot of controversy, even involving Apple nemesis Samsung as the mastermind.


“We can confirm that the Australian ‘Wake Up’ campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia. A reveal will take place on May 7th that will aim to provoke conversation on what ‘being in business’ means to Australians,” Gillet said. It appears that the previous speculations about RIM’s involvement in the campaign is true.

Apparently it was discovered that an account identifier within a DoubleClick URL has been linked to RIM’s ID for its Australian website. Even the blogger named “Blunty” who captured the video on camera was actually linked to RIM in the past. This assumption is supported by a three-part video review of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that he did and posted on his YouTube account last year. You can check out the guy here (YouTube).

Things have gotten really interesting. We got to admit, we were rather surprised. But overall, we are happy to finally put this case to rest.

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