Joining the Secret Service is not a calling for everyone, and those who actually made the cut will be able to enjoy a plethora of ‘toys’ that we regular folks can only dream of, such as this self-destruct USB stick which seems to hail from a fictional movie instead. Should you be so careless as to lose it on your travels, fret not, as it comes with a built-in GPS chip that allows a GPS satellite to track it. Just how does the USB stick remain powered though? Well, each time it is plugged in via USB, the internal battery will recharge, letting you track it to the nearest cell tower thanks to the integrated mobile SIM card within.

Not only that, you can also block access to the USB stick’s contents remotely through an online console, or to send it a coded text message. Assuming all else fails, the modern day L-Pill in the digital format would see it self-destruct as a high voltage charge is sent into its core, ensuring that the chip melts to render all information within useless.

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