A fan is useful in ensuring that air circulates around the home or office without freezing you to death like an air conditioner for those living in tropical areas, and Sharp decided to give the traditional fan a boost with their new tower type 3D Fan which was so called that way because it offers 3D motion. Also known as the Slim Ion Fan, this particular model from Sharp comes with a triple sensor that detects temperature, humidity, and sunlight. When it reads such information and processes it, then the fan’s automatic operation will be optimized. Not only that, to keep up with the times, Sharp has also introduced a touch sensor to this particular model, where it is set to hit the Japan market this May 15th for approximately $493 after conversion.


Sharp describes this fan as using a DC motor, allowing it to be finely adjusted, where the 32 settings enable you to enjoy barely perceptible to very strong breeze blown your way. No idea on just how effective the integrated ion generator is, but hopefully it will do its magic without much fuss.

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