Griffin Technology has just announced the SmartTalk Solar, which is a handsfree solar-charged speakerphone that will target smartphone owners. It makes sense, really, considering how many of us do receive or even need to make a phone call while we are behind the wheel, which means going the hands-free way is the right and safe method of getting around it. With the SmartTalk Solar, the name itself gives the game away, as this particular peripheral will draw on the power of the sun so that you can continue with your conversation without having to take your hands off the wheel.


Hooking up with smartphones and featurephones that have Bluetooth connectivity, the SmartTalk Solar’s motion-sensing Auto Connect will hook up to any paired smartphones the moment you enter the vehicle, and it is capable of connecting to a couple of different phones simultaneously. You would do well to mount the SmartTalk Solar to the windshield so that the solar panel will face the glass, ensuring that its internal battery remains juiced up at all times. Now this is perfect for those who do not mind parking under the sun. Expect to fork out $69.99 for the SmartTalk Solar if you are interested. [Press Release]

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