Most of the time, new and modern technology tend to end up being very expensive, and early adopters more often than not need to fork out a very high price in order to secure their position as such. When we talk about 3D printers, most of us would most probably think that it is going to cost a bomb, as 3D printers are nothing but the playthings of the rich. Not quite, really, and if you can remember the MakerBot Replicator that cost $2,000 as demonstrated at CES in 2011, it still proved out of reach for the majority of the people out there, which is why the company’s COO, Samuel Cervantes, decided to take things into his own hands literally by working on the Solidoodle 3D printer. The asking price? A mere $500.


You will need to have your very own computer beforehand though if you were going to take advantage of the Solidoodle 3D Printer. I know that this bit sounds elementary, but you will be surprised that in the excitement of it all, some folks did not take that bit into equation. The Solidoodle 3D Printer prints in a rather similar manner like the MakerBot does, through the melting of plastic and extruding a fine line that will then be used to build the object over multiple layers. Topping up $50 will let you bring home the Pro model which enables you to print objects up to 6″ on all sides.

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