sony iphone dock

Earlier today, Japanese electronics giant Sony, announced two new speakers for Apple’s line of mobile devices which include the iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod. The all-in-one speakers are touted to be the first of its kind in using magnetic fluid for dampening. Both of the docks in question also feature DAB radios as well as CD plays. For one of two models named CMT-V75BTiP, your device will be able to connect with it wirelessly via Bluetooth and you can even enjoy a little light show. The models are named CMT-V75BTiP and CMT-V50iP.

As Sony claims, the magnetic fluid which dampens movement of the speaker cone transfers heat away from the voice coil without adding to the energy needed. The company claims that this first time innovation makes for a thinner and lighter design as well as lesser distortion in mid-to-high frequencies. Both reported all-in-one devices also feature a built-in radio that is capable of picking up AM and FM radio on top of the above mentioned DAB. The only information from Sony with regards to these exciting iOS docks is that they will be available for purchase by the end of the month. However, the company is yet to reveal any possible price for either model.

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