I clearly (and fondly) remember Audi’s e-tron vehicles that were on parade at CES 2011, where they proved to be quite the hit with clean cut design as well as performance levels that were extremely green. There is one drawback about electric or hybrid vehicles though, and that would be being extremely quiet when running on battery power alone, since the engine itself does not need to “work” so to speak. This might result in a child or an elderly person not being aware that there is an oncoming vehicle simply because it emits no engine sound. Audi hopes to rectify that by working with a sound engineer, with the end result of an ‘e-sound’ to go alongside its range of electric powered e-tron models.


This would mean future e-tron models from Audi are able to generate audio nearly instantly, and depending on the vehicle’s rotational speed, vehicle speed, loads, and other factors, the pitch and loudness of the sound will vary. The next thing you know, we will be having artificially created and yet environmentally friendly smoke from the exhaust…

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