[CES 2011] This is one prototype that we wish it would enter production, but according to the Audi showfloor people, this model is set to remain in the prototype stage forever. Bummer! We were extremely interested in the full LCD display dashboard that is simply stunning to the eyes, where it will change dynamically depending on what mode the A1 e-tron is in. This four seater will hopefully be the platform for future soccer moms who want a functional and practical electric car, and if it looks that good, then we’re sold. Bear in mind that this is a hybrid car, and it will consume a mere 1.9 liters per 100 km – that translates to a whopping 123.8 miles per gallon, now how about that? No idea on why this will not make it to the mass market eventually, but we do look forward to the day when Audi changes their mind.


Check out the video of the prototype LCD display on the dashboard after the jump.

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