Heads up Mac OS X users, it looks like yet another trojan has been discovered. Dubbed the Sabpab by security company, Sophos, the trojan has been described as a “basic backdoor trojan horse” that connects to a control server using HTTP. When it does, it has been reported that hackers will then be able to send instructions to the trojan to grab screenshots, execute commands remotely and upload and download files without the user’s permission.

The trojan uses the same Java threat that spawned the Flashback trojan, but luckily the Sabpab has been reported to be not as widespread and that Mac OS X users who have updated their computers that patched the Java vulnerabilities should be safe. For those who have yet to update their software, it should be noted that you could be at risk of infection from the Flashback and Sabpab trojan. More information on the recently discovered Sabpab trojan can be found at Sophos’ website.

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