Just as how Rome was not built in a single day, so too, flying cars do not take flight all that easily, having to jump through regulatory hoops as well as extensive testing in the first place. Terrafugia’s Transition flying car is perfectly named, where a successful commercial release might actually signal an actual shift in terms of personal transport – as cars take to the skies. We do know that it has already picked up approval by the Federal Aviation Administration, and is considered road legal, and the recent prototype’s success in completing its first flight is another step in the right direction. Terrafugia hopes to see it hit the mass retail market before 2013 is over.

According to Terrafugia, the Transition is a two seater vehicle that sports four wheels and wings that are able to fold up if you were to drive it around like a car. During its maiden flight, it managed to fly at 1,400 feet (426 metres) for eight minutes, and don’t worry about running into a commercial jet as those fly at 35,000 feet (10,668 metres). Around a hundred people have so much faith in it, that they have already dropped a $10,000 deposit for the Transition, which will eventually cost $279,000 when available.

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