The human imagination knows no bounds, as evident by the Transformers theme park in China that was the brainchild of an artists, as evidenced by the image you see above. Located in Jiaxing City, China’s Zhejiang Province, 49-year-old artist Zhu Kefeng alongside his team took a whopping 10 years to construct huge metal robots using nothing but recycled iron and steel parts. The beginnings were humble – he started off with a realistic model of a car, followed by opening a studio he can call his own to develop more intricate sculptures. This resulted in him doing commission work for fans of his work, while large orders received the help of the masses after he set up a recycle bin for folks to donate discarded metal parts.

What was once an old abandoned factory is now a modern attraction that boasts more than 600 Transformers-inspired sculptures. No idea on whether Hasbro has anything to say about this effort, and it does bring back memories of the Angry Birds theme park in the UK. According to Zhu Kefeng, “I still remember the joy I felt when playing with iron toys during my childhood, and I wanted to share that joy with children so I decided to build a theme park. The joy shared with others is even more enjoyable.”

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