If you thought the remarkable $1,500 self-transforming Optimus Prime was expensive, here is another toy that is willing to push your financial boundaries to another level.

A company named Robosen has just introduced their extraordinary self-transforming action figure, inspired by the iconic cartoon Transformers: Grimlock, the king of the Dinobots; Available for $1,700, this cool toy comes equipped with thirty-four servo motors, Grimlock’s transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

The 5.7-pound robot can walk, talk, attack, and breathe in both dino and humanoid modes. With a light-up Energon Sword and a light-up Galaxial Rocket Launcher powered by button batteries, Grimlock can blast and slice through pretend foes with preprogrammed actions.

Original voice actor Gregg Berger recorded over 150 “ME GRIMLOCK” voice lines, making this robot sound as authentic as it gets. Interact with Grimlock using 42 voice commands, have him talk about Autobots and Decepticons, or even dance for your birthday. Grimlock’s USB-C charging capability provides 90 minutes of playtime after just a 90-minute charge, thanks to the 2,500mAh battery.

However, like its predecessor Optimus Prime, Grimlock has a couple of limitations; It struggles to stand reliably on a shelf when powered off, as the servo motors need to be active for stability. It lacks awareness of its surroundings, leading to unintended falls, and has mobility issues on carpeted surfaces.

Why so expensive?

Despite these shortcomings, Grimlock remains an impressive toy. Robosen attributes the higher price to more motors, chips, complex programming for additional transformation steps, higher labor costs, enhanced packaging, and premium materials. The promotional price starts at $1,500.

Looking forward to Robosen exploring new robot platforms, like their take on Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, if it’s in development.

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