The Transformers franchise has made us all wonder what it would be like to have alien robots of our own that are able to transform into a sweet ride and also come to our aid when their fellow aliens are trying to eliminate humanity. While technology isn’t quite there yet to make that happen, a team of engineers and technicians has created a real transformer car that you can buy but you’re going to need $600,000.

The real transformer car is called Antimon and it’s being auctioned in Abu Dhabi. It’s a BMW 3-series sedan that’s capable of transforming into a robot in about 30 seconds. 12 engineers and 4 technicians from Turkey spent 11 months creating this robot.

Antimon is capable of moving its hands and turning its head. The team is working on 11 additional transformers currently and they might be able to do more than what Antimon is capable of right now.

The car that forms the base of this robot is not licensed for the road so it can’t be driven but it can be moved using a remote control and it will only go up to 12.4 miles-per-hour. If you have a place big enough to keep Antimon, you need at least $600,000, because that’s where the bidding starts from.

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