The aviation industry did fall upon hard times, especially after 9/11 more than a decade ago, not to mention ever rising fuel costs, but this does not mean that everyone has decided to stop flying altogether. No sir, advances are still being made, and with the Airbus A380, luxury in the skies have taken on a totally new meaning. Virgin Atlantic will allow us to tour the new Upper Class Cabin using the PlaneView software, where potential passengers are able to drool over the new Upper Class cabin that recently saw a £100 million overhaul. This would mean you can “experience” some of the key features of the redesigned cabin online, before you make a purchase decision to book your ticket.

The PlaneView virtual showroom will be able to link you to over 40 interactive YouTube videos that inform you in detail concerning various features of the newly designed cabin, and for those who wish that they can have that bar-like experience in the air, fret not – the Upper Class Cabin will feature the “longest bar in the sky” that stretches 2.5 metres, allowing you to chit chat with another 7 passengers during a long haul flight.

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