virgin-media-priceIt looks like times are getting harder and harder, even for the technologically inclined. Apparently, Virgin Media has stepped forward to make an announcement of their plans to invest a whopping £3 billion in its fibre optic broadband network. This particular investment is set to run its course in the coming few years, where the main aim is to extend its reach to another quartet of million homes by the time 2020 rolls around. Needless to say, such a grand expansion plan will require a huge investment, and that would naturally mean users will have to pay more.

It has been reported that Virgin Media will start to notify their customers concerning upcoming price increases that will affect its broadband-only tariffs. For instance, a 50Mbps connection which costs £28.50 a month at the moment will see a 6.1% increase to £30.25 a month; while those who have a far speedier 100Mbps line will experience a net increase by 5.2% from £33.50 to £35.25 per month. No idea about the 152Mbps service though.

It might not sound like much, but do bear in mind that this is the fourth time that Virgin Media has increased its prices for their broadband-only customers, and all within the time span of the last three years. These new prices will come into effect from November onward. If you would like to look elsewhere, you are free to cancel your contract without any penalty before October 31.

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