Pico projectors have not really taken off in the way where the person(s) behind the idea thought it would – how many people do you know actually own one of these puppies, and how often does he or she use it? I suppose that this niche market does have its fair share of fans, which is why there are new models being churned out still, even today. Case in point, the AAXA P4 Wi-Fi Pico Projector. As the name suggests, this model will come with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, delivering up to 100 lumens of brightness which is a 20 lumens improvement over its predecessor.

Osram’s latest converter green technology is used to increase the brightness level, and this unit will also come with the keyboard mouse combo and will retail for $399 a pop. The battery is said to last up to 75 minutes – so you might want to leave it plugged in most of the time for movie nights, but at least the 750MHz processor on-board will let it handle 720p videos with aplomb. There is also 2GB of internal memory which can be further augmented by a microSD memory card slot. [Press Release (PDF)]

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