Adok Aura is a smart projector with a built-in Windows 10 PC that turns any surface into a tablet with an extra-large touch display. Aimed at making collaborative work easy, fun and efficient, Adok Aura is equipped with a PC processor, a battery, a webcam, a microphone, a speaker and projects a large HD resolution touch display on any table.  Last year, the company showed a CES Award recipient prototype and is now back at CES with a product shipping since November 2019.

The battery allows for two hours of continuous use on a single charge, however, it can be plugged to a power outlet which is the common usage when a team meets in a conference room. The battery becomes useful when meetings happen in cafes or restaurants, which is a common use case in Silicon Valley when people make plans to launch a new startup.

Adok Aura aims at competing against large touch displays specifically made for collaborative work such as the Samsung Flip Display and all the regular and more expensive business solutions offered by Cisco, or Microsoft. According to founder and CEO Paul Péretié, one of the key use cases of Adok is the collaborative review of architectural floor plans: all the modifications are recorded by the software while people are talking and manipulating the floor plan on the display.

At CES Unveiled yesterday, I tried briefly the Adok Aura projected touchscreen display on a table and the resolution was pretty good while the interface was surprisingly responsive, making the experience of interacting on a document with colleagues very compelling.

Although the system is not designed for long typing sessions, the virtual keyboard is usable and responsive enough to type a few words here and there. In case typing a long document is required during a meeting, it is easy to hook up a keyboard to the Adok Aura.

The lightweight brainiac smart projector is a good mobile alternative to large and expensive collaborative business displays that are not mobile. Adok founder and CEO Paul Péretié told me that he got the idea for such a new device while “struggling in a meeting with an old projector without the right cable or adaptor and trying to show something on an iPad to ten people”.

Amazingly, Adok Aura is a high-tech product made in France, thanks to a partnership between Adok and Toshiba which owns a factory in Normandy, in the Northern part of the country.

The $3000 / 2490 euros price tag of this Windows 10 PC Projector is comparable to some other business solutions on the market such as Cisco Spark Board55 K9 (as of today $3,727) but much cheaper than other famous systems.

If you are attending CES 2020, go check out Adok Aura at the French Tech Pavilion Sands, Hall G booth # 50615.

Specifications Highlights

  •  PC computer with a dedicated processor running on Windows 10
  • 2-hour battery life
  • integrated webcam for video conferencing
  • built-in projector adapted to any surface
  •  a touch interface
  • voice control (with Polycom)
  •  microphone and speaker
  • 4G & Wifi connectivity

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